Dentures in Anchorage

Dentures available at the one stop shop for new or replacement dentures where they do more dentures than anyone and have their own in-house denture lab

Anchorage Midtown Dental Center and Dentures Alaska are your one stop shop for new or replacement dentures. We do more dentures than anyone in town and have our own in-house denture lab which means faster dentures (as little as one day) and a better fit!

We fix broken or ill-fitting dentures even if not made here and create beautiful, natural feeling and looking, confidence-building teeth! We have a huge array of tooth or implant-borne options with hidden fasteners which mean you can smile and eat freely and nobody will know you don’t have natural teeth! Call today for a free consultation or schedule an appointment today at (907) 222-5265 or visit us at

There are many reasons a natural tooth may need to be removed. We always try to save your natural tooth but if we cannot, you DON’T have to go through pain to get a tooth extracted!