Defeating The Dental Phobia

You have avoided going to the general dentist in Anchorage, probably because of something that happened several years before. Sure, you brush and floss daily and you even avoid those sticky sweets.

The only thing you don’t do is visit your dentist when you should, because you’re afraid of the pain of the various procedures.

Modernized Procedures, Less Pain

Today’s dentists are well-aware of the fears you feel when you think about lying back in that dentist’s chair and opening wide. Some dentists will provide sedation dentistry, where you are given relaxing medication for the dental work you need to have done. If all you need is a dental cleaning, but the thought makes you break into a heavy sweat, your general dentist in Anchorage knows about these fears and is more than willing to help you relax so you can get that necessary cleaning.

The different levels of sedation include minimal, moderate and deep sedation, and general anesthesia. You will still need numbing medication at the site where the dental work will be done.

Your Dentist Will Discuss Your Fears

Before the dentist even comes into your cubicle, his staff will bring up any fears or your need for sedation with you. She will go into your concerns in deep detail so she can tell your dentist what your needs might be.

Think about it – your dentist wants to ensure your teeth; gums and mouth are as healthy as they can be. If fear has kept you away, he is more than willing to assist you with sedation so the work can be done and you can have a healthy mouth. You can expect your dentist and his hygienist or assistant to talk about your concerns and provide sedation before they even tell you to open wide.

Face That Dental Work With Confidence

Root canals and tooth extractions used to be painful procedures that left you throbbing with pain after you left the implant dentist’s Anchorage office. Now, however, any discomfort you might experience will be lower than the pain from your toothache. That throbbing toothache you’ve been dealing with for such a long time is a symptom of a problem. Usually, this is decay that has been left untreated for so long that, now, the nerves and pulp inside your teeth have become irritated or even infected.

Your implant dentist in Anchorage now has new technology that helps him to complete the dental procedures you need to have done with less pain than before. Dental files are now more flexible than they used to be, making the work easier. Better anesthetics make it easier for you to get through a wisdom tooth extraction or two than in the past. Of course, your dentist may choose to put you in deep sedation or under general anesthesia while he’s doing his work. Even the numbing medication is stronger. The numbness covers a larger area, works more quickly and goes further into your teeth than older medication. Once you are home, it wears off more quickly as well.

Easy Relaxation Tips: It’s not easy getting in the car to go to the dentist. Try some simple techniques to help you relax.

  1. Deep breathing exercises, visualizing yourself anywhere but at the dentist’s office.
  2. Ask for the hygienist to give you some headphones and some of your favorite music to distract you while you’re in the chair.
  3. Work out a “stop!” signal with your dentist before he begins his work.
  4. Start with a simple procedure before you get the needed work done. This could be x-rays or a cleaning.

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