Dentistry Services in Anchorage: Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge

Good dental hygiene is necessary to keep a great smile. Wrong techniques of brushing or flossing may cause dental problems like tooth decay. Accidents may also cause a missing tooth.

Fortunately, there are several dentistry services in Anchorage to help you retrieve a perfect smile. Dental implants and dental bridges are the most common dental techniques for decaying or missing tooth. Which would work for you, depends on your dental problem.

Dental Implants: Planting a Tooth

The dental implants in Anchorage can be done by dentists who specialize in dental restoration. An important thing to keep in mind is that a dental implant will be bonded to the jaw bone. It requires healthy gums and sufficient bone. The procedure is expected to be painful but it should not be felt because of the use of local anesthesia or other sedatives. The healing might take one to three months.

A dental implant can be used to replace a missing tooth and solve chewing problems. The main purpose is to replace the decayed or lost tooth. The result can last for at least 10 years.

Dental Bridges: Bridging the Gap

An Anchorage dental bridge is generally used to restore the smile by filling in the gap - a missing tooth. It can be used to address the chewing problems as well. A missing tooth can disrupt the balance in the teeth while chewing. It can also be used to keep maintain the looks and appearance of the face.

To have a dental bridge, your dentist in Anchorage would re-contour the existing teeth and take impressions. The bridge can be placed on your next visit but you might be asked to go back to check and monitor the fitting and the success of the procedure. This procedure is short in comparison to a dental implant and gives minimal pain and discomfort.

In A Nutshell…

A missing tooth can be easily replaced these days. There are various dentistry services in Anchorage that can solve this problem. You can choose between a dental implant and a dental bridge as per your need and dental condition. An implant is connected to the jaw bone while a bridge will be attached to the existing teeth. The implant involves more pain but the results last longer while a bridge is easier to place and involves less discomfort yet the result may also last shorter.

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