Dentists Can Help Warn You About Greater Health Problems

A staggering number of adults get extremely anxious about going to the dentist. Moreover, for many patients, the prospect of making appointments with root canal dentists can be downright horrifying.

What many Americans do not realize is that they should not fear what happens when they go to the dentist -- they should fear what happens if they don't. A Feb. 2 ABC News report affirms that regular visits to local family dentists "may be first line of defense for other medical issues."

It Doesn't Always Come Down To Pearly Whites

The vast majority of U.S. men and women may assume dentistry is about looks. While cosmetic dentistry procedures are on the rise -- with 5,847 cosmetic dentists and a 250% increase in dental veneers over the last five years -- going to local dentists, family dentists, or emergency dentists is also more important than ever before. "Infections at the gum line can worsen the state of diabetes and can contribute to the risk for heart disease and stroke," ABC News continues. Dentists are constantly on the look out for inflammation and infections, and they can help you take steps to treat them, if they are present.

Can Dentists Predict Osteoporosis And Acid Reflux?

Up to a point, the answer is yes. Osteoporosis is kind of tricky. A family dentist, many affordable dentists, and/or root canal dentists can use X-rays and dental imaging to determine patients' bone density. Patients with lower bone density readings may be at a greater risk for osteoporosis, but it's not necessarily a guarantee. Acid reflux, on the other hand, is typically much easier to spot. Dentists just need to look for eroded tooth enamel; among patients with acid reflux, many dentists note worn enamel on the front teeth in particular.

New research makes it clear: there are more and more reasons to go to the dentist. Help ease anxieties about the dentist; know that you are not only taking steps for healthier, whiter teeth -- you are also being proactive about your overall, long-term health.

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