Dentists In Anchorage Use Dental Implants For Tooth Replacement

Implant dentistry is known to be the most advanced treatment available in Anchorage to get missing teeth replaced. Dental implants in Anchorage have several advantages in comparison to traditional restorations.

For instance:

  • Dental implants tend to feel, function and look like natural teeth
  • They make for a stable foundation for bridges, crowns, and dentures
  • Healthy projections do not require cutting down
  • Dental implants assist in preventing bone loss, and sustaining facial features
  • Implant dentures contain no palate, consequently have a positive effect on taste and speech
  • Implants are permanent

Implants can be used in several ways. For instance for:

  • Replacing a single tooth: A dental implant can replace a projection and its root. This method offers several benefits over other options. Apart from functioning and looking like a natural projection, a dental implant can replace a projection without damaging the adjacent area and teeth.
  • Replacing more than one tooth: Dental implants can replace as many teeth as the patient wants to replace.  Implant-supported bridges function and look like natural projections and do not alter the adjacent teeth. Other popular treatments for the loss of teeth, like fixed bridges or removable partial dentures, depend on support from neighboring projections.
  • Complete replacement: Implants can also help people who require a complete set of teeth.
  • All In Four Implants: All in four dental implants are another option created to enhance the usage of the available bone with only four implants for each dental arch. This procedure is pretty fast. The patient will come to the dental clinic in Anchorage in the morning and will leave by afternoon in perfectly good health.

In the long run, dental implants in Anchorage are functional, comfortable and esthetic. Bone and gums can weaken around a removable partial denture or fixed bridge, leaving a noticeable defect. Dented bone under removable dentures or bridges can cause facial collapse and an unpleasant smile. The cement that holds the bridge in place can completely wash out, making it easy for bacteria to cause decay. Apart from this, removable dentures can be retained by wires that are visible and can shift inside the mouth decreasing the patient’s ability to consume certain foods.

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