How Do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant is a perfect way to restore oral function if you’ve lost teeth. The implant consists of a root made from surgical titanium, which is placed into your jawbone to replicate a natural tooth root. An Implant dentist attaches an abutment onto the implant, which then secures a crown. The Crown is the part seen in the mouth looking like a natural tooth. It provides a chewing surface as well as aesthetics.

Implant dentistry has made it possible for persons to reclaim full tooth functionality after tooth damage or loss. This therapy dates back to 600 AD when a Mayan woman had her teeth replaced with pieces of sea shells shaped like teeth.

Several properties give dental implants the ability to change the way you smile, eat, speak, and look, all of which have a bearing on your social and career life. For instance, the root part of the implant that’s placed into your jawbone is made of titanium or its alloys. The metal is highly biocompatible and won’t be rejected by your body. The implant gives you a lifelike feeling in your mouth, comfort and freedom from potential side effects.

How Dental Implants Are Contributing To A Perfect Smile

The fact that you don’t have to remove dental implants to eat or sleep or clean them, gives you a chance to live a normal life, just like persons with natural teeth. Additionally, these are firmly secured into your jaw, meaning you won’t have to worry about the possibility of coughing them out when having a cold!

On top of that, the implants permit you to smile confidently without cause for embarrassment. This empowers you to carry out your day to day activities at school or workplace confidently. Imagine walking into a job interview with missing canines! This wouldn’t project an image of a strong candidate. Thank goodness, dental implants can fix that problem and enhance your chances of career growth.

Have you ever spoken publicly? Well, that can be a problem for persons with missing teeth or loose dentures. But, if you let a dentist in Anchorage AK give you modern dental implants, these can help restore your confidence and function in all aspects of your life.

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