Investing In Dental Implants

About seventy percent of adults from mid thirties to mid forties lose at least one permanent tooth because of gum disease, accident, or other oral problems such as tooth decay or failed root canal. Deciding how to restore a missing projection is a problem most patients encounter at some time in their life. There are several reliable and good options that can be suggested by a cosmetic dentist in Anchorage, AK, but in majority of the cases a dental implant can be the only option.

Conventionally, a missing tooth is replaced by either a removable denture or a fixed bridge. Unfortunately, neither of the choices is permanent and requires replacement in every five to ten years. Moreover, since most such prosthetics are not as good as our natural teeth, such replacement options come with several problems. For fixed bridges, dentists have to cut down the adjacent teeth to create an anchor for the artificial tooth. Moreover, the removable plates can wear or rub on the teeth creating more problems.

Today, Anchorage dental implants are the best option for young adults who have, perhaps, lost their teeth because of accidents. Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw bone in place of the missing tooth. Over a stretch of a few months, the post tends to bond with the jaw bone to make a stable foundation on which the final tooth is placed to achieve a cosmetically appealing, natural result. Anyone who’s planning to get a dental implant must be aware that plaque control and proper home care are important because bone and gum infections can create around an implant just like around natural teeth that are not taken care of. This preventable problem, also called peri-implantitis, is one of biggest reasons for implant failure.

Dental implants are a good investment. However, it is important to get these prosthetics from a reputed, experienced, expert. There are several dentist in Anchorage, AK that offer such treatment. The best way to choose one is to research over the internet and ask people who have undergone such treatment to offer suggestions.

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