What Is The Need For Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a dental process that entails removal of a tooth from the bone socket. This form of treatment is normally chosen when all other resorts fail and the dentist has no other option but to pull the tooth out. During the early days several illnesses were ascribed to tooth infections. Because there were no antibiotics or alternatives to cure the problem tooth extraction was performed.

Reasons For Extracting a Tooth

In normal circumstances, when a patient suffers from tooth damage the expert tries to repair the projection through various treatments such as, crowns, fillings, and the like. However, if the damage is so severe that it cannot be fixed then extraction is performed. Apart from this, several drugs and illnesses also have the tendency to weaken the immune system in turn creating infections which may necessitate tooth extraction. These may include - dental caries, cancer drugs, extra teeth, gum diseases, fractured tooth, orthodontic treatment, organ transplant, wisdom teeth and radiation treatment.

Kinds Of Extraction

There are essentially two kinds of extractions – surgical and simple.

Simple extractions – simple extractions are performed on projections that are visible inside the mouth and can be easily pulled out by the general dentist. To perform the procedure the expert administers local anesthetic to ensure that the treatment is pain free.

Surgical extractions – surgical extractions are performed on projections that cannot be accessed easily. This might happen in case teeth are only partially erupted or are broken under the gums. In such circumstances, the surgeons have to slice and pull the gums back to create access to the piece of tooth. Such extractions necessitate a specialist surgeon.

Before extracting your teeth the dentist or surgeon will analyze your dental and medical history and may also request for an X-ray of the damaged area. This assists the expert in keeping you safe during the whole treatment.

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