Mask Chipped Teeth with the Help of Dental Veneers

Are you worried about your front teeth that are stained, chipped or maligned?

You no longer have to worry about chipped, stained or maligned teeth anymore because dental veneers can help you enhance your smile and have a young appearance with minimum tooth adjustment. Dental veneers are made out of porcelain and are used mainly for aesthetic reasons. A trained and experienced Anchorage dentist can help you with this dental procedure. Dental veneers help teeth look natural and healthy. They are very thin and are held in the place by a special strong bond with very little preparation of the tooth.

An Anchorage AK dentist also uses dental veneers to fill in the gaps between teeth, when braces are not suitable. If a tooth is slightly out of place, a veneer can be fixed to bring that tooth into line with others.

Usually, you require two dental appointments with your dentist in Anchorage over the course of three weeks to complete the process of getting dental veneers. On the first appointment with your dentist, there will be some minor contouring of the front teeth. Impression of your teeth will be taken and you can choose the color of the veneers with the consent of your dentist Anchorage AK. Your dentist would place temporary veneers and you need to wear them until the permanent veneers are ready. On your next appointment, permanent dental veneers are bonded in the place. Your dentist would ask you to make a follow up visit to check whether the veneers have been applied correctly or not.

Apart from helping clients with dental veneers, your dentist can be consulted for a dental implant procedure. Dental implants are fast becoming popular to restore lost or missing teeth. There are many more dental procedures that can help people achieve the great smile that they have dreamt of.

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