Two Modern Changes To Traditional Dentistry

What is the future of traditional and cosmetic dentistry? Just like anything else, the family dentist and the various types of dental implants are subject to change over time -- and that's a good thing. What improvements can you expect from local family dentists and local emergency dentists over the next few years?

A Brand New Way To Tackle Cavities

A family dentist is making headlines. The dentist, like many others, noticed a trend among her patients: young and old alike, many of them showed up with cavities and significant tooth decay. The innovative dentist is setting out to solve the problem. She crafted candy alternatives that contains all of the usual ingredients, except sugar. The caramels, for example, contain heavy cream, just like normal caramel candies. Instead of sugar, however, they have xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar substitute that can actually improve dental health. The ingredient promotes saliva production, which -- in turn -- helps flush out lingering food particles and other substances that may ultimately cause tooth decay. This may help cut down on the 15 million people with bridges and crowns in the U.S.

Is There Such A Thing As Dentistry On-The-Go?

Dental implants have a success rate of 98%. Right now, only 10% of local family dentists and cosmetic dentists offer the procedure, however. In the future, more and more dentists will be able to help fit patients with dental implants -- and some dentists may be able to perform the procedure (along with other, simpler tasks) in patients' homes. Drills and dental equipment are becoming increasingly lightweight and portable. This is an especially popular option among aging patients and patients who live in assisted care facilities.

Dentistry is changing in little, but significant ways. Dentists are making dental care even more convenient -- helping patients of all ages find tasty and safe alternatives to modern sweets and even performing certain dental procedures in patients' homes.

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