Why Choose IV Sedation?

I.V. or intravenous sedation stands for a form of sedation medication which is administered straight into the individual’s blood stream. There is just one shot that has to be given and the outcome of the medication is instantaneous. Another benefit of IV sedation is that if an individual is not completely sedated or if the effects of the medication are wearing off then more medication can be meted out and the result is instant.

Intravenous sedation is said to be the most powerful form of conscious sedation that is normally used during oral surgery. Surgeons can perform treatments such as, implants, extractions, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as well as diagnostic and emergency surgery in a more efficient way when they use such drugs on their patients. However, I.V. sedation necessitates special training and certification by the dental expert.

The reason why certain dentists and patients prefer intravenous sedation more than inhalation or oral is because I.V. allows the expert to give more medication in case the patient is not sedated properly. The medication is also more powerful and effective than the same drug consumed orally. IV sedation Anchorage also provides a more potent amnesic effect than the other processes of sedation.

Use I.V. In Case:

  • You have to drive to the clinic for your appointment. Sedation has to be taken at least an hour before the procedure, and you must never perform difficult tasks or drive after consuming sedatives till your dentist tells you.
  • You are not reluctant to getting an injection or a shot. I.V. sedation offers doctors better control of the sedation level.

Sedation dentistry in Anchorage satisfies more than 90 percent of the patients. However, some need a stronger form of sedative, which is available only via general anesthesia. This procedure of instilling requires an anesthesiologist an additional set of hands to take care of the patient as the dental expert begins with the treatment.

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